Eliard Tannever

A quirky burgher with a great knowledge of history and geography.


Eliard Tannever is a wealthy burgher in the city of Fort Defiance. Unlike most men of his age and position, Eliard continues to oversee his business personally, and prefers being about the city on errands rather than enjoying luxury in his centuries-old estate on the border of the Borough of Daggers.

Eliard’s wealth comes not from regular trade of commodities, but rather the acquisition and sale of ancient artifacts, works of art, and occasionally magical items. He is known to be an active investor in the Adventurer’s Guild, and reportedly contributes regularly to and purchases from their auction houses.

While Eliard speaks often of his travels to those who would listen, he rarely mentions any reason for his wanderings aside from curiosity.

Eliard Tannever

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