Book One: The Blistered Earth

From behind the sheltering peaks of the Drakes-tail Mountains, the Caldoren nation lies in relative safety, barred from approach on three sides by the western Eversea. A remnant of the old kingdoms of Man, Caldor thrives under the capable leadership of its Senate and the guidance of the wise Eladrin. The fields are ripe with harvest, the cities loud with trade, and little mortal danger exists to remind men of how once long ago a great war brought their ancestors to the brink of extinction. Only from within the pages of history books will most ever encounter even lesser dangers such as goblins, and no living man nor eladrin can claim to have seen a dragon grace the skies.

This land however is not entirely sheltered from the darkness of the past. On any clear night the ever-boiling clouds of the Tempest are visible beyond the lowest mountain peaks, casting a long shadow over the ruined land men have named the Dead Scar. In the south the lawless Savage Coast gazes across the sea with an endless hunger, its corsair ships gliding silently among the waves. From the frontier, refugees bring stories of violent bandits, raiding orcs, and sometimes more sinister horrors from the myths of old.

It is from these lands, where the last exhausted soldiers of shattered kingdoms once planted a blood-stained standard in the dirt and met the darkness with defiance in their hearts, that the will to once again test the strength of Hope was born.

The hourglass of Fate turns, perhaps for the last time.

Tome of the End Times

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