Tome of the End Times

Session Three


Having found the general location of the goblin warren, the adventurers set out to dispatch of them and claim the the item the adventurers’ guild was paying them for. An Eladrin mage from the Restoration Society joined them, purportedly to oversee the retrieval of the object. The adventurers spoke to the mayor of Tauris, who, until recently, had been a herb-gathering forest man and got directions from him to the warren’s location. They set out and traveled deep into the woods. At night, the held up and made camp. In the middle of the night, a strange noise awoke them and their horses began to wander off.

They followed the horses and found a trail of corpses and destruction running through the forest. They followed it to the ocean and found that it just ended. They also found the ship on which Axe and Grdok were once slaves. Relations were peaceful.

Returning down the path, they found stomped and slaughtered goblins and hobgoblins. When they finally made it to the warren, they found it to be deserted. They went into the town, slipping over rudimentary palisades and defenses and were immediately set upon by the remaining goblins. After cutting down half the remaining goblins, the ground rumbled and shook as multi-legged beasts sprouted from the ground and savagely attacked the heroes and goblins alike. After an epic struggle both beast and goblin lay dead on the ground, their blood mixing together on both the torn up ground and the heroes weapons.

Inside the warren, they found a despoiled hive. Clearly, the beasts had moved here and kicked the goblins out. Deep within the warren they found a steel door that had clearly been pounded on. It was set into the stone and impossible to force open. Daeogn butted his head against it for some time before realizing he was getting no where. Valar, remembering the acid the beasts had spit at them in battle, returned to the corpse of the largest of best and sliced out the throat, only minorly damaging the acid sac. He and Daegon then took the head down the hallway and smeared the acid all over the door, watching it eat away. Beating down the door was no problem after that. Inside they found gold and items that the goblins had killed for and promptly claimed it. They also found a backpack containing the device the Restoration League had contracted them to acquire and turned it over to the mage. They then cleared out, beginning the journey back to Coryn’s Rook. Who was this Coryn and why was he playing chess with cities? would he be castling with his king or was he a fan of the Veranuto defense? Questions weighed on the heroes mind and answers were not forthcoming.

That night the mage died a horrible death. He tinkered with forces and powers beyond his control, unleashing the pent up magical rage within the artifact and distorting the very fabric of the world around him. It was only through a valiant act of self-lessness that Ax was able to push the small container closed, saving all but the foolish mage from certain death or mutation. With the forest an amalgam of purples, pinks and green-colors never intended to be found on trees-the heroes cleared the area and headed back for the Rook.



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