Tome of the End Times

Session Seven

After some discussion with the elves, it was decided that it would be best to avoid the tower but that it might be possible to learn something of the undead, as well as the dwarven expedition, in the mines. Noting that the elves were short on mounts, Ax offered that the elves were welcome to the horses if they came upon them, in repayment for their aid. As a word of warning, Tarandir bade the adventurers beware of a creature that was roaming the marshes as of late, a hag, apparently some sort of witch that could alter her appearance. Tarandir seemed to believe that the horses may have become dinner for this creature. Setting out from the elven camp in the marsh, the party for the mines. As they drew near the mine, a pack of rotting dogs appeared from the mist as if searching for someone. The party hid and kept silent for what seemed an eternity, and the patrol passed. Moving quickly onward, they discovered the entrance to the mine, and dispatched the undead sentries there, noting at they went, that a cart had indeed been pulled into the mine.

Once inside the mine, the party came upon a large chamber in which a large collections of zombie were mining what seemed to be Mythril. Watching over the ghastly miners was a floating skull sheathed in green fire, which Ax and Vol recognized as an avatar of a powerful necromancer. As the adventurers attacked, a mammoth zombie sprung up and joined the battle. After an extended fight, the heroes won out and recovered some items of power from the remains of the dwarven expedition and the zombies. They returned, unmolested, to Andir’s Watch with a piece of the ore that the zombies were mining, which Tarandir confirmed was Mithril. The necromancer, or whoever controlled the undead, seemed to have some interest in the ore. Taradir also warned that in addition to the risen Red Scar, his scouts had come across a strange three-headed skeleton that seemed to be some kind of leuitenant and it had all but destroyed the scouts before they could escape.

From there, the party decided that it would be best to return to the dwarves and Heimerstend to report on the expedition and the presence of a vast and dangerous undead army in the newly created marsh. On the way back, they passed through Cadina only to be ambushed by a party of undead lead by the strange three headed skeleton. Upon vanquishing the last of the undead, a dark figure on horseback was seen on the hill overlooking the town. Vol set to dissipating the magic that held the undead bodies to this world, and the figure slowly rode down the hill into the town square: it was the Red Scar that they had seen earlier by the tower, a Death Knight.

It dismounted, surveying the situation. Drawing its monumental sword, the fallen warrior dropped into a stance and the party rushed to attack. The Death Knight proved to be, by far, the most destructive, powerful, fel thing that any of them had ever encountered and the battle raged for what seemed like hours. It’s armor was neigh impenetrable and every one of the heros’ attacks that found a weak spot seemed a victory in itself, the thing was an unstoppable juggernaut. It shrugged off attack after attack, retaliating with blows and dark magic that layed waste to the companions, more than once, forcing them to the ground. Eventually, having felled both Valar Behk and Dagon, Ax and Vol attacked with newfound panic in an attempt to keep the Red Scar from finishing them off. Valar Behk rose as though through sheer will and vengence, and attempted to wrest the thing’s sword from its grasp. Fetid energy corsed through him, nearly sundering his very soul, but the paladin held tight. As though annoyed, the Death Knight cuffed the impertinant man and began to drag him to the cemetary, attacking by those left standing as he went. It tossed Behk through the door of a crypt and returned to finish the job with the others, only to find that Dagon was up again, bleeding from every chink in his armor, but eyes full of rage. The four figures clashed again, and the undead warrior pushed the heroes back. One final time Valar Behk roused himself from near death, driven by his thirst for justice, and charged the monstrosity from behind.

As if sensing that somthing was amiss, the fog drew up and began to rush into the town. The necromancer seemed to sense that one of its most prized posessions was on the verge of destruction; the fog had come to retrieve the fallen knight. Just as the adventurers rallied for one final charge, one that they knew must surely cost them their lives, the fog washed over them all in a torrent. All went white for a moment, and seconds later when the mist cleared, the Death Knight was gone. The adventures slumped, clutching their wounds as the air settled around them. An eerie silence settled over the deserted town. After a few moments rest, they began to move gingerly northward to alert the armies of dwarf and man of the danger that awaited them in the south.



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