Tome of the End Times

Session Eight

Heading north from Cadina on the road to Stonepass, the companions came across Grdock. After being lost in the mist as the heroes fled from the undead masses, he had found his way eastward across the river in an effort to escape the mist. Having crossed the river, Grdock reported that he had come out of the forest and happened upon a large valley running north to south. On the far side of it, there appeared to be a massive ancient stone tower with an entrance at the base of the valley and another at the top of the far edge. However, there also appeared to be a mass of armored figures moving on the far side, likely orcs given the information that the group had gathered. After some rest, the party moved onward to Stonepass and then west to Clave Oath-Home to alert the dwarves of the mist and the undead.

As they approached, the doors of Clave Oath-Home were thrown open and seemed to bustle with activity. One figure seemed to leave the masses and head eastward, toward the party. It was the eladrin tactician, Fel’Adanis who previously had worked with the heroes for the Restoration Society. He revealed that the Society was still looking for the artifact and had determined that it was now in the possession of Heimerstendt. Vahl remarked that it was indeed in the Senator’s possession but that he had likely sent it back westward to Caldor. Just then, Ax felt the mental link to the artifact flare into life again for the first time since crossing the mountains. It seemed to be to the far east, perhaps in Fort Defiance where Heimerstendt had been headed. He mentioned this to the group and they decided that, after a quick visit with the dwarves, they should themselves head eastward to the Fort.

Coming to the gates, the party was greeted by Gatewarden Finegrol, who, oddly, seemed to comprehend the common tongue now…. The heroes explained that there was news of the Deep Delve expedition, but that there was more information that had to be passed along to the King. Passing through the halls, the city had sprung to life, smoke an noise was everywhere as the dwarves ostensibly mobilized for war. After a rest in the tunnel-city, they were escorted to the King by Finegrol. The monarch was in conference with his Warbringer, but paused to hear what the companions had to report. They explained the passage of events since they had last spoken, leaving nothing out. Valar Beck added that he had brought a piece of mithril back and wished to had something made of it. The king thought and put forth that, while it was odd that a man would retrieve a dwarf’s mithril and then demand a weapon from it, he would help Valar Beck if he could find a way to bring shipments of wood to the Clave, as those trade routes had long since closed. This seemed agreeable, and after some short discussion and resupply, the group headed east to Fort Defiance.

Passing again through Stonepass, the party learned that if would was the flow to Clave Oath-Home, it would likely come out of Northport, a coastal city downriver from Fort Defiance. Noting this, they moved onward and eventually came to their destination. The city seemed to exist on both sides of the river. To the east, on the far side, it was semi-circlular and walled; on the near side, it was unwalled and seemed to form a tear shape pointing back to the west. To the north of the road, large military tents stood with banners atop them, likely Heimerstendt’s camp. To the south of the road, a motley collection of lower tents sprawled for about as far as the army’s did, however the smell indicated that this was likely a refugee camp. Those displaced from their homes across the river by the orcs were likely the inhabitants of these hovels.

Ax lead the party towards the army, still following the artifact’s pull. They came to a tent that seemed to belong to a Magus. It was large but it also seemed to have an invisible barrier of some sort all around it. After considering it for a moment, Ax and Fel’Adanis harnessed some form of magic and stepped through the barrier, into the tent. Valar Back whirled to get away from the fools only to see that coming towards them, smiling, was Lieutentant Kails. He greeted them fondly and bade them come to the mess with him for some food, drink, and rest. All present save for Vahl accepted and followed him. Meanwhile, Ax and Fel’Adanis investigated the tent and found the artifact under some sort of magical dampening cloth. Given the situation both felt it wise to wait until the owner of the tent returned rather than taking it and drawing the ire of an army.

The Magus returned shortly and, after discovering Ax’s affinity for the thing under the cloth, escorted them huffily out of the tent. He put guards on the three and sent them to the mess with their friends. After some short conversation, the party was summoned to Duke Heimerstendt to report. Entering the tent, there were only the Duke and the Magus within. The Heimerstendt demanded that Valar Beck report to him and he did, leaving out nothing. The Duke nodded noting his pleasure with the report, but stating that he had no need of men like Valar Beck. Overriding a protest, he cloyingly continued that there was work to be done across the river for the Stewart of Fort Defiance. Had no need of him indeed. He then turned to the Magus and bid him explain that the artifact had been bound to Ax, and thus there was very little to be done with the thing but to turn it over to Ax for further, delicate, experimentation. After Ax assured them that he had no doubt he could control the ancient device, the Magus sourly turned it over. Ax smiled an alient smile and took the thing and slipped it onto one of the chain links connected to his manacle. Having concluded their business, they were dismissed.

Exhausted from their trip, the group looked to find someplace to stay the night. With all the people in the city, the inns seemed to be beyond their capacity as it was, and the group decided to head south to the tent city to find someplace to sleep unmolested. To get Passing through a seedy party of the city, the Borough of Daggers, the party was ambushed by a large group of the Raven Queen Cult. The assailants were comprised of the odd, ashen faced humanoids and some kind of dark hounds which blinked in and out of existence leaving dark smears on reality as they did. The creatures were led by the witch that had controlled the doppelganger in Corrin’s Rook and joined by an man(?) in chain mail wielding katars. Over the course of the battle, Vahl, with the help of the Polyglot Stone, heard the witch command the katar fighter to “stop playing with the creature and take it,” followed quickly by the katar fighter breaking the chain which bound the eladrin artifact to Ax, sending it flying into the air. Ax shot into the air, barely recovering it as Valar Beck struck down the assailant. Seeing the battle turn as the man and the witch fell, a few of the remaining ashen-faces raised a feather, which disintegrated and they disappeared. The party moved on to a quieter, safer place to sleep. At least one thing had been solved: they knew what the Raven Queen cultists were after…

Session Seven

After some discussion with the elves, it was decided that it would be best to avoid the tower but that it might be possible to learn something of the undead, as well as the dwarven expedition, in the mines. Noting that the elves were short on mounts, Ax offered that the elves were welcome to the horses if they came upon them, in repayment for their aid. As a word of warning, Tarandir bade the adventurers beware of a creature that was roaming the marshes as of late, a hag, apparently some sort of witch that could alter her appearance. Tarandir seemed to believe that the horses may have become dinner for this creature. Setting out from the elven camp in the marsh, the party for the mines. As they drew near the mine, a pack of rotting dogs appeared from the mist as if searching for someone. The party hid and kept silent for what seemed an eternity, and the patrol passed. Moving quickly onward, they discovered the entrance to the mine, and dispatched the undead sentries there, noting at they went, that a cart had indeed been pulled into the mine.

Once inside the mine, the party came upon a large chamber in which a large collections of zombie were mining what seemed to be Mythril. Watching over the ghastly miners was a floating skull sheathed in green fire, which Ax and Vol recognized as an avatar of a powerful necromancer. As the adventurers attacked, a mammoth zombie sprung up and joined the battle. After an extended fight, the heroes won out and recovered some items of power from the remains of the dwarven expedition and the zombies. They returned, unmolested, to Andir’s Watch with a piece of the ore that the zombies were mining, which Tarandir confirmed was Mithril. The necromancer, or whoever controlled the undead, seemed to have some interest in the ore. Taradir also warned that in addition to the risen Red Scar, his scouts had come across a strange three-headed skeleton that seemed to be some kind of leuitenant and it had all but destroyed the scouts before they could escape.

From there, the party decided that it would be best to return to the dwarves and Heimerstend to report on the expedition and the presence of a vast and dangerous undead army in the newly created marsh. On the way back, they passed through Cadina only to be ambushed by a party of undead lead by the strange three headed skeleton. Upon vanquishing the last of the undead, a dark figure on horseback was seen on the hill overlooking the town. Vol set to dissipating the magic that held the undead bodies to this world, and the figure slowly rode down the hill into the town square: it was the Red Scar that they had seen earlier by the tower, a Death Knight.

It dismounted, surveying the situation. Drawing its monumental sword, the fallen warrior dropped into a stance and the party rushed to attack. The Death Knight proved to be, by far, the most destructive, powerful, fel thing that any of them had ever encountered and the battle raged for what seemed like hours. It’s armor was neigh impenetrable and every one of the heros’ attacks that found a weak spot seemed a victory in itself, the thing was an unstoppable juggernaut. It shrugged off attack after attack, retaliating with blows and dark magic that layed waste to the companions, more than once, forcing them to the ground. Eventually, having felled both Valar Behk and Dagon, Ax and Vol attacked with newfound panic in an attempt to keep the Red Scar from finishing them off. Valar Behk rose as though through sheer will and vengence, and attempted to wrest the thing’s sword from its grasp. Fetid energy corsed through him, nearly sundering his very soul, but the paladin held tight. As though annoyed, the Death Knight cuffed the impertinant man and began to drag him to the cemetary, attacking by those left standing as he went. It tossed Behk through the door of a crypt and returned to finish the job with the others, only to find that Dagon was up again, bleeding from every chink in his armor, but eyes full of rage. The four figures clashed again, and the undead warrior pushed the heroes back. One final time Valar Behk roused himself from near death, driven by his thirst for justice, and charged the monstrosity from behind.

As if sensing that somthing was amiss, the fog drew up and began to rush into the town. The necromancer seemed to sense that one of its most prized posessions was on the verge of destruction; the fog had come to retrieve the fallen knight. Just as the adventurers rallied for one final charge, one that they knew must surely cost them their lives, the fog washed over them all in a torrent. All went white for a moment, and seconds later when the mist cleared, the Death Knight was gone. The adventures slumped, clutching their wounds as the air settled around them. An eerie silence settled over the deserted town. After a few moments rest, they began to move gingerly northward to alert the armies of dwarf and man of the danger that awaited them in the south.

Session Six
Session Five

Shortly after their encounter with what seemed to be the minions of the Raven Queen, the party found that their names had been cleared. Black-Finger Tom seemed to have held up his end of the bargain and the heroes were free to go on their way. After speaking with the Stormbreakers and Heimerstend, it appeared that the army was headed east, across the Drake Tail Mountains and the group decided that there was likely to be work on the frontier. Heimerstend seemed to be focused on taking the lands beyond Fort Defiance, reclaiming what had once been the lands of man.

Ranging out before the army, the companions reached the western gate of the pass that led under the mountains, to Stonepass beyond, and to Fort Defiance beyond that. The pass itself lead into a dwarven city deep within the mountain, Clave Oath-Home. The gate was a mammoth stone construction built into the rock face. Upon reaching the entrance, several dwarves emerged and made their way to meet the new-comers. Accompanied by several guards and speaking only in dwarven, one of the dwarves introduced himself as Gatewarden Finagrol, keeper of the western gate. Having grown up on the frontier dealing with dwarves, Valar Beck responded in kind and requested passage through the mountains. The group was escorted into the gatehouse to negotiate the price of this passage. After some discussion, it was determined that the adventurers would be allowed passage if they would act as emissaries to the dragonborn of the Second Seat, which lay in the mountains above Clave Oath-Home. The dwarves had lost touch with the dragonborn and were becoming concerned.

The party agreed to these terms and headed up the mountain after collecting some supplies from the dwarves to ward against the wind and cold of the heights. On their trip up the mountain, they were ambushed by a swarm of kobolds and drakes. After dispatching them and moving on, the adventurers met with a patrol of copper dragonborn led by Dak’kor, the First Talon of the Second Seat, charged with guarding the holy place and leading those who would do the same. Speaking through Ax, he indicated that the kobolds were causing problems and that it was very odd that these creatures had begun to attack in the numbers in which they now appeared, as though driven by something. Dak’kor announced that he would guide the group to The Matron.

The group reached the settlement shortly before dark. Dak’kor went ahead to make the Matron aware of the visitors, and they were granted an audience in her tent when they arrived. The matron was a old copper dragonborn with clouded eyes seated upon a pile of eggs and breathing the fumes of what seemed to be incense of some sort. When she spoke, it was though she had only just come out of a deep trance. She greeted the adventurers but littler information passed between them, and audience was over after a quick confirmation that no one knew why the kobolds were all over the mountains.

In the night, one of the dragonborn priests came to wake Ax with a summons from the Matron. He woke and followed the messenger to the smokey tent once more. The Matron explained that another “Star-Speaker”, Tro’or, had come to her wishing to visit the Second Seat, and she had allowed it. As this golden dragonborn had been allowed access, Ax, a “Star-Speaker” himself, would be allowed to visit the seat. The Matron pressed a stone into Ax’s hand and before his eyes, an etching of the path to the Seat rose from it’s face. Before he left, Ax asked if the Matron knew anything of the strange eladrin artifact that Heimerstend had confiscated, but she was already slipping back into her trance, muttering disinterestedly that she did not.

In the morning, the party set out to find the Seat, following the stone-map through the warrens of the mountain. After nearly a day of travel, they came to a large cave covered with hieroglyphs in ancient languages that none of the group could comprehend. In the cave, there were also a set of ritual robes, which Ax donned before proceeding to the seat, bidding the others wait outside the holy place. The Seat itself seemed to be across a thin strip of a stone bridge that ended in a tunnel in the rock. Ax entered the tunnel and disappeared from sight for a time. All was silent but for the wind howling over the rock ledge for several minutes. Suddenly, an earthshaking roar overwhelmed the wind and Ax came bolting out of the tunnel.

A giant shape rose from the far side of the rock and came crashing down on the tiny spine of stone right behind Ax, knocking him sprawling to hang over the edge of the bridge. The dragon was white and roared again, and this time, a certain cruel glee could be detected. Wasting no time, Dagon took off at a full run and dove, catching Ax’s arm just as the rest of him slipped over the edge. Hauling the dragonborn back to safety, the two of them sprinted for the safety of the cave as just behind them, kobolds began to swarm up the mountain face and the dragon leaped again into the air.

The heroes, badly outnumber and weary from their trek fled through the warrens to escape the kobolds and the dragon, although they had lost track of it since it took wing. As they passed through one of the tunnels, Dagon drove his axe into a ledge of overhanging rubble as he ran, collapsing the path behind them, prevented pursuit. The party took a moment to gather it’s breath when a dark mass burst into view over one of the peaks, and the dragon landed in their midst. Knowing they could not outpace this foe, the companions dug in and attacked. After a long battle, tearing at the beast’s wings, they drove it out over a chasm and struck a mortal blow. The dragon pitched and let out a final roar before plunging into the ravine to it’s final resting point.

Session Four
Session Three

Having found the general location of the goblin warren, the adventurers set out to dispatch of them and claim the the item the adventurers’ guild was paying them for. An Eladrin mage from the Restoration Society joined them, purportedly to oversee the retrieval of the object. The adventurers spoke to the mayor of Tauris, who, until recently, had been a herb-gathering forest man and got directions from him to the warren’s location. They set out and traveled deep into the woods. At night, the held up and made camp. In the middle of the night, a strange noise awoke them and their horses began to wander off.

They followed the horses and found a trail of corpses and destruction running through the forest. They followed it to the ocean and found that it just ended. They also found the ship on which Axe and Grdok were once slaves. Relations were peaceful.

Returning down the path, they found stomped and slaughtered goblins and hobgoblins. When they finally made it to the warren, they found it to be deserted. They went into the town, slipping over rudimentary palisades and defenses and were immediately set upon by the remaining goblins. After cutting down half the remaining goblins, the ground rumbled and shook as multi-legged beasts sprouted from the ground and savagely attacked the heroes and goblins alike. After an epic struggle both beast and goblin lay dead on the ground, their blood mixing together on both the torn up ground and the heroes weapons.

Inside the warren, they found a despoiled hive. Clearly, the beasts had moved here and kicked the goblins out. Deep within the warren they found a steel door that had clearly been pounded on. It was set into the stone and impossible to force open. Daeogn butted his head against it for some time before realizing he was getting no where. Valar, remembering the acid the beasts had spit at them in battle, returned to the corpse of the largest of best and sliced out the throat, only minorly damaging the acid sac. He and Daegon then took the head down the hallway and smeared the acid all over the door, watching it eat away. Beating down the door was no problem after that. Inside they found gold and items that the goblins had killed for and promptly claimed it. They also found a backpack containing the device the Restoration League had contracted them to acquire and turned it over to the mage. They then cleared out, beginning the journey back to Coryn’s Rook. Who was this Coryn and why was he playing chess with cities? would he be castling with his king or was he a fan of the Veranuto defense? Questions weighed on the heroes mind and answers were not forthcoming.

That night the mage died a horrible death. He tinkered with forces and powers beyond his control, unleashing the pent up magical rage within the artifact and distorting the very fabric of the world around him. It was only through a valiant act of self-lessness that Ax was able to push the small container closed, saving all but the foolish mage from certain death or mutation. With the forest an amalgam of purples, pinks and green-colors never intended to be found on trees-the heroes cleared the area and headed back for the Rook.

Session Two
Session One
The Beginning
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